A Comeback in a Pandemic

He came home for spring break excited for the season ahead with no idea what was about to happen. At that point his biggest concern was coming back from injury. But he almost didn’t get the chance to. Photo credit: University of Maryland Football Media Debt. While on spring break he first got the call... Continue Reading →

Finding a new identity

So, he is in the thick of rehab and right smack in the middle of a losing season. As a player you are questioning everything, “What if I hadn’t gone to practice that day?” “Why did this have to happen?” “My role has changed, I used to be a team leader now I’m in treatment while the team is practicing, or meeting,... Continue Reading →

Well it happened…

  Well it happened. Everything you talk about when sending your kid away to school. The: “Worst case scenario, I can be on a plane and there in X number of hours”. He got hurt. Tore his ACL. Yep, a major injury and I wasn’t there. I had to listen to him cry over the... Continue Reading →

Coaching Changes and Relationships

You will obviously forge relationships with the staff throughout the recruiting process and most of choosing a school is about relationships. But what happens when there is a coaching change? **The most important coach to 'get know" is the strength coach.**  Your son will spend THEE. MOST. TIME. with the Strength coach. I'm sure someone... Continue Reading →

Move-in Day

Well, the time has come. He's leaving. He's packed. You've filled out all the enrollment paperwork, medical forms, FASFA, You've booked flights. You've pre-ordered all the big stuff closer to campus. There's nothing left but to send him off. He's ready but you're not. I know. Breathe. He is equally as scared, excited, sad, anxious... Continue Reading →

The Coaching Carousel

Incidentally National Early Signing Day lines up with the end of regular season and CFB playoffs. With this comes the "Coaching Carousel". This is when coaches far enough along in their contracts with consecutive losing records and consecutive poor recruiting classes (not enough highly rated players- see "Stars" below) are fired and hired by various... Continue Reading →

Coaches and Contact

September 1st (the date coaches can contact your son directly) has come and gone. By now, if you are a mom of an upperclassmen you have grown familiar with the the evening convos with the front runners of recruiting. These are the schools that call once or twice a week to talk to YOU mom.... Continue Reading →

Official and Unofficial Visits

Phew! Football season has probably just ended or is winding down for you and your athlete. If so this is the perfect time to start scheduling some campus visits. Obviously this can get expensive so I suggest visiting places close to home first. Unofficial Visits These would be considered "Unofficial" visits and you can take... Continue Reading →

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